Visa Run Schedule To Lao Bao Border Every Month – VINAVISA

Note: The blue and red boxes are the days we have trips available!

Need a ride to Lao Bao Border Gate?
VINAVISA provides a weekly bus service to Lao Bao Border (Laos) every month.
The bus schedule will be continuously updated every month here. Our run visa provides travel to Laos border gate and back to Da Nang in the same day (5h30-18h).
*** Recommended: only use visa run 4-5 times (because you may not be granted entry and exit to Vietnam too many times in a short time)

Visa Run Schedule To Lao Bao Border:

In 08-2023: The blue and red boxes are the days we have rides available.
Each of our bus trips will be from 20-30 guests.
If you need other day trips or need to travel separately, please contact us!
(We have a private car booking service for 4 – 7 seats… with a personal support guide)

August 2023 SCHEDULE:

Visa Run processing process of VINAVISA:

Our run visa provides travel to Laos border gate and back to Da Nang in the same day (5h30-18h).
You will pay the fee:
I. Please confirm registration of bus trip to Lao Bao 1-2 days in advance (We have bus every week to Laos, please check your visa validity to choose departure date)
II. Things to do before the trip:
1. Pay 100% of the fee before the trip (At the office (Only cash) or bank transfer)
For details on trip costs please contact us!
2. Send us your Evisa 1 month (if you make this evisa yourself or use free visa 15 days) .
( You should apply for an e-visa at least 7-10 days before your trip, to get a result before your trip begins. If you do not have time to apply for a visa, we have an urgent visa service in 4 hours a day)
III. We will send you the address and time you will arrive at the pick up location.
IV. On the way, we stop at the shops for you to have lunch. (You can bring food)
V. Our staff will assist you in exiting and re-entering Vietnam.
(including applying for a visa to enter Laos)
Please do not leave the delegation during immigration processing at Lao Bao border gate.
You can enter and exit Vietnam in this way 3-4 times (recommended)
If you want to use our service, please let us know to register early.
You can come to our office to exchange directly and pay the fee: 29 Khue My Dong 15, Ngu Hanh Son, Danang city.
Thank you so much!

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