✍️Both visas on arrival and e-visa are convenient ways to obtain a visa to visit Vietnam. However, each method has its strengths and weaknesses.
✍️Both visas on arrival and e-visa are issued by the Immigration Department of Vietnam and is a way you obtain a Vietnam visa in a short time.

Differences between visa on arrival and Evisa:

Visa on arrival:

📌 Eligible for all travelers in more than 150 countries
📌 The duration of the visa is 1/ 3 month multiple/ single entry,….
📌 Good for tourism, business, family or relative visits
📌 You have to pay 2 fees: approval letter fee and stamping fee
📌 Ports of entry: all of the international airports

 Vietnam evisa:

📌 Eligible for Citizens from 80 countries (Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Croatia, Cuba, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Russia, United Kingdom, Uruguay,…)
📌 The e-visa is a single entry visa and valid from the proposed date of entry indicated during the application
📌 Good for Tourism only
📌 You have to pay only 25USD
📌 Ports of entry: Evisa is accepted at 28 entry ports in Vietnam including air, sea and overland.
📌 It is the equipment to a visa, but no stamp or label is placed in the passport.

Therefore, which one should you choose?

✍️ If you want a longer-term visa or for business purposes or you want to a multiple entry visa, visa on arrival is beneficial for your needs.
✍️ If you do not want to wait at Vietnam airport or arrive by land, e-visa is the best way to obtain your visa to Vietnam.
✍️ If you are an emergency situation, visa on arrival is the way to go as it takes only 2 – 3 working hours to obtain the approval letter for tourism.

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