1. Granting temporary resident cards for spouses of foreigners who are working and living in Vietnam, why not?

– The process of international integration is taking place strongly, Vietnam is a destination for foreigners, which attracts investment from abroad, is a choice of many foreign investors and workers to live and work


  1. Foreigners who are members or shareholders contributing capital of a limited liability company with two or more members
  2. Foreigners who are owners of one-member limited companies (except authorized representatives)
  3. Foreigners who are members of Broad of Directors of Joint Stock companies
  4. Foreign lawyers have been granted law practice licenses by the Ministry of Justice in Vietnam according to the provisions of law
  5. Foreigners with work permits are working in various types of enterprises, representative offices of foreign companies
  6. Experts, students, trainees, currently working and studying under national programs and projects signed between the ministries and branches approved by the Government
  7. Accompanied relatives include father, mother, wife, husband, and children of temporary residence card holders

– Thus, foreigners who are living and working in Vietnam have been granted TRC that can bring their relatives to live with them in Vietnam. In this case, the foreigner must go through the agency or organization where he/she is working or sponsoring himself/ herself to invite or sponsor his/her relatives to temporarily reside in Vietnam

2. Benefits when granted temporary resident card

– Once a TRC is available, the spouse can enter Vietnam many times without having to apply for a new visa for the validity period of the card. Foreigners with temporary resident cards may stay in Vietnam for the duration of their valid card without any time limit.

3. Things to know about temporary resident card


– The TRC is a card shaped like a Vietnamese identity card, on the card contains personal information, photos of the card owner and the duration of the card

– The card has the category TT. TT stands for “visit relatives” to separate from other types of temporary resident cards.


– The duration of TRC in this case is not more than 2 years, to be granted according to the duration of the TRC of the sponsor.

4. Conditions for applying for a temporary resident card for spouse of foreigners residing and working in Vietnam

  • Passport of the person who wants to apply for TRC must be valid for at least 13 months
  • Visas currently used in Vietnam must be used for the purpose of visiting relatives (category TT)
  • Papers proving the relationship, these papers must be translated, notarized or consulted legalized as prescribed
  • The spouse who is working and living in Vietnam has been granted TRC as prescribed.

5. Dossier of temporary resident card of relatives

– For guarantee companies and foreign individuals:

  • Legal documents of sponsor company (business registration certificate, establishment license of representative office, branch of the company, investment certificate,..)
  • Notarized passport of foreigner
  • A foreigner’s work permit and temporary resident card

– For foreigners applying for TRC:

  • Original passport of the applicant for a temporary resident card of relatives
  • Vietnam visa
  • 2 photos of 2×3 size white background
  • Papers proving the relationship with the foreigner working in Vietnam: birth certificate, marriage certificate, household registration book,… (these papers must be consular legalized and translated into Vietnamese except exempt from consular legalization under Article 9 of Decree No.111/2011/NĐ – CP of December 5, 2011, of the Government.
  • A certificate of temporary resident or a temporary resident book of the foreigner, which has been certified by a police officer of the ward or commune where the foreigner is temporarily residing in Vietnam

6. Processing time:

– from 10 to 12 working days (excluding Saturday and Sunday)

7. Service fee:

– 250$ (excluding visa conversion fee)

If you do not have much time and do not know anything about the procedure for applying for a TRC, please contact Vinavisa immediately to be able to consult directly and solve your specific case.

– Call 0899 31 3366  or sent Mail: info@vinavisa.vn for detailed information on your case. VinaVisa – Specialized service for dealing with cases of applying for temporary residence cards for foreigners sponsoring relatives – Vietnamese sponsoring relatives who are foreigners.
– Processing documents Quickly with a team of experienced professionals – Extremely good cost for customers using VinaVisa services.
Support collecting records at home. If you are living in Danang city.

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