– Are you a foreigner living, working in Vietnam and give birth here? You wonder how your baby can enter and exit normally and can stay in Vietnam with you within the long term?

It will be easy when you let Vinavisa solve all your problems quickly and simply.

Below, Vinavisa service will guide you through the order and procedures for making temporary residence cards for foreign babies born in Vietnam.

1. In order to make temporary residence cards for foreign children born in Vietnam

  • First, the child must have a passport and birth certificate: foreign children born in Vietnam will be provided with a notice of birth. Using this notice of birth, parents of children will go to the Embassy or Consulate to make a birth certificate and passport for the baby. This procedure is a foreign administrative procedure so that Vietnam does not intervene.

After obtaining a passport and birth certificate, the child will be granted a temporary residence card by the Vietnam Immigration Department, so that the child can enter and exit normally.

  • Second, the father or mother is a foreigner living and working in Vietnam and has been issued a temporary residence card as regulated.

2. Documents required to apply for a temporary residence card for foreign babies born in Vietnam

  • Original passport of baby
  • Birth certificate of the baby
  • 2 photos of size 2×3 of baby
  • Personal document of father or mother sponsoring:

+ Photo of passport and visa with notarized

+ Photo of valid temporary residence card with notarized

  • Photo of business certificate of company father or mother working.

3. The cost of a temporary residence card

– To know more about the cost, detailed dossier, time to apply for temporary residence card for foreign children born in Vietnam, please call 0899 31 3366 right away fork a consultant to consult and instruct in detail.

4. The processing time: from 10 to 12 working days (excluding Saturday, Sunday)

– Results: After 10 – 12 working days, your baby will receive a temporary residence card, category TT, the duration of it is a maximum of 2 years depending on the duration of the temporary residence card of the sponsor. The card is shaped like the identity card of Vietnam, on the card has personal information, photos of the baby and the duration of the card.

– You are having questions, difficulties in preparing documents or do not have time to submit your application, Vinavisa will help you quickly and … as long as you provide us with the documents and wait for the results at home. Vinavisa will take a temporary residence card to the place you want.

Please CONTACT us by :

E-mail: info@vinavisa.vn

Facebook: VinaVisa Service

Line/Zalo/Viber/Kakaotalk/Wechat: 0899 31 3366   We will answer the problem for you.

Have a nice day!

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