Some Foreign Nationals Are Exempt From Getting The Work Permit

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Some foreign nationals are exempt from getting the Work Permit and can work in Vietnam holding only business visas.

– These individuals are:

  • Foreigners who enter Vietnam to work for no more than three (3) months or to resolve emergency cases.
    Emergency cases are described as complex technical or technological incidents that affect or threaten to affect business activities and productions to which its gravity cannot be managed adequately by Vietnam-based personnel. Foreign employees are required to submit their full name, passport number, nationality, job description and an employment contract copy indicating no more than ninety (90) days to the Labor Department
  • Members of a limited liability company having two or more members
  •  Members of the board of directors of a shareholding company
  • Owners of a single-member limited liability company
  • Employees that promote and market services belonging to foreign service suppliers
  •  Vietnam’s Ministry of Justice-certified practicing lawyers
  • Employees of foreign-based contractors and heads of foreign representative and branch offices were recently required the Work Permit. The Work Permit validity period lasts depending on the duration of the assignment indicated in the employment contract, but no more than three (3) years. Renewals are also dependent on the employment contract, with a maximum of three (3) years for every renewal. Individuals can renew up to a maximum of three (3) times.

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Work permit
     Work permit – processing procedure

  Processing Time: 25-30 working days

Service Fee: USD 450

Required Documents: CLICK HERE ↵

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