Notice of entry and exit of foreigners and Vietnamese during the COVID – CORONA epidemic phase of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism on 26/02/2020

According to the latest notice dated 26-02-2020

– In the context of the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic, it is difficult to control in South Korea, Japan, Italia, Iran and some other countries in recent days, in the evening of the 25th Feb 2020, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc signed the Directive No.10/CT – TTG on promoting prevention and control of Covid-19.

– Accordingly, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for immediately informing the Korean side and the countries and territories where Covid-19 is occurring about the prevention and control measures applied by Vietnam, including the suspension of entry into Vietnam for people coming from or passing through an epidemic area, for people entry for official purposes in special cases subject to medical declaration and concentrated isolation for 14 days as prescribed.

– Notify Vietnamese citizens not to epidemic areas in other countries, except in case of necessity, if they still go, when they enter Vietnam, they will have to be concentrated isolation for 14 days as prescribed.

Following the Prime Minister’s instructions, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism also offers the following measures:

  1. Temporarily stop organizing tourists groups to Daegu city, South Korea and epidemic areas, not welcoming tourists from epidemic areas into Vietnam
  2. Perform a 14-day quarantine for visitors through or coming from Daegu city, Gyeongsangbuk-do province and the affected areas.
  3. Tourism businesses, accommodation establishments, and tourist service businesses should focus on the prevention and control of Covid-19, follow the instructions of the Ministry of Health, ensure safety absolutely for visitors and workers

Specifically, the situation of an approval letter on arrival as follows:

  • Stop approving DL letter on arrival for Korean, Japanese, Italian and other countries traveling through epidemic areas for 14 days (see the entry and exit stamp of epidemic areas on the passport)
  • Business approval letter on arrival for Korean, Japanese, Italian will temporarily return the results at the Embassy in accordance with the receipt, do not request a process quickly

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