You are looking for a Temporary Residence Card extension service unit in Danang as well as want to know the detailed price of service of extending the Temporary residence Card in Danang. Below Vinavisa share with you all informations as well as gives you the necessary information about the visa service in Danang.

1. Conditions for extension Temporary Residence Card for foreigners.

  • Passport valid for at least 13 months.

Depending on the type of the extension temporary residence card, you must provide one of the following 4 documents:

  • Work Permit or Work Permit Exemption valid for at least 1 year.
  • Letter of appointment from the company where foreigners are working.
  • Documents proving that the investor contributes capital in the enterprise or Investment Licence
  • Documents proving that the spousal relationship such as Marriage Certificate, Family Book of sponsor.



2. Cases are allowed to extend Temporary Residence Card:

  • Foreigners who have relatives are Vietnamese
  • Foreigners who have relatives are foreigners working in Vietnam
  • Foreigners who have valid Work permit Exemption
  • Foreigners who have valid Work permit.
  • Foreign Investors establish enterprises in Vietnam.

3. Temporary Residence Card Extension Service in Danang

  • As regulations, when you want to extend temporary residence card, you can go to the State Agencies under the Ministry of Public Security to apply for granting Temporary Residence Card. However, traveling to complete the procedure will cost you a lot of time and cost.
  • In order to save your time and maximum cost, you should look for a unit dedicated to supporting the issues about visa and temporary residence cards like VINAVISA. You do not need to worry much about where you must apply for extending temporary residence card. We provide Temporary Residence Card Extension Service quickly.
  • Foreigners temporarily residing in Vietnam for 1 year or more shall be granted Temporary Residence Card by the Immigration Department under the Ministry of Public Security. The duration of Temporary Residence Card is from 1 year to 3 years. Foreigners who have Temporary Residence Card will be exempt from visa on exit or entry during the duration of Temporary Residence Card.

4. Dossiers include:

  • Enterprise legal documents (Investment License, Business Registration Certificate,…) of the company which guaranteed for first Temporary Residence Card
  • Old temporary residence card
  • Application form of granting temporary residence cards for foreigners.
  • Valid original passport.
  • Certificate of temporary residence registration or Temporary residence declaration book of foreigners.
  • 3 photos of size 3×4, no wearing glasses and hats, picture the face clearly.
  • Letter of introduction

5. The cost for extension Temporary Residence Card

    Please contact at 0899 31 3366 in order that Vinavisa’s Consultants give detailed instructions about the dossiers, processing time, specific fee as well as complete the extension of Temporary Residence Card for you.

 The processing time: 10 business days (excluding Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays)

 The fee: 250 USD

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