Extend Temporary Residence For Foreigner Entering Vietnam With 5-Year Visa Exemption

Do you currently have a 5-year visa exemption? On entry, you are given a temporary residence stamp for 3-6 months (you are allowed to stay in Vietnam for 3-6 months), and when the expiry of the temporary residence period you do not want to leave because of work or family. Or you do not want to spend too much on the exit and re-enter Vietnam to be granted more temporary residence? We can assist you without spending too much money, time on exit, and re-entry to be granted a new temporary stay in Vietnam. We call this temporary residence extension for 5-year visa exemption for foreigners.

1. What is a 5-year visa exemption?

5-year visa exemption (also known as a 5-year visa) is a document of the value of Vietnam entry and exit granted to Vietnamese residing overseas (overseas Vietnamese) and foreigners who are wifes, husbands, children of Vietnamese, or overseas Vietnamese.

– A person who enters Vietnam with 5-year visa exemption may temporarily reside in Vietnam for no more than 6 months for each entry (if the visa exemption period is less than 6 months, they can stay until the expiry date) and if foreigners have need to stay for more than 6 months and is sponsored, have a good reason, it is possible to extend temporary residence and not exceed 6 months.

Visa exemption documents are valid for 5 years and shorter than the validity of passports or international travel documents of 6 months.

5 year visa exemption
  5-year visa exemption

2. Those who are granted a 5-year visa exemption

  • Vietnamese residing abroad
  • Foreigners being spouses, children of Vietnamese citizens, or Vietnamese residing overseas.

3. Dossier of extension of temporary residence for persons with 5-year visa exemption with relatives sponsor.

If after the expiry of the 180 days period of temporary residence permission is granted, foreigners can apply for visa extension with relatives’sponsor:

Documents for relatives sponsor to extend temporary residence, include:

  • Original passport and 5-year visa exemption
  • Vietnamese birth certificate, household registration or other documents (for overseas Vietnamese)
  • Documents proving the relationship with the sponsor (birth certificate, marriage certificate,…)
  • Household registration, identity card of the sponsor.

Please contact us for more details about your case and for quick application instructions.

4. Dossier of extension of temporary residence for persons with 5-year visa exemption without relatives sponsor

if there is no relatives sponsor, you only need to provide us:

  • Passport
  • 5-year visa exemption document.

5. The processing time:

– Immigration Department process visa extension within 7 to 10 working days (excluding Saturday and Sunday)

** Note: Foreign documents must be translated and consular legalized at the local Vietnam Embassy.

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