What are you know about converting driver’s licenses for foreigners in Vietnam?

You are foreigners who are living in Vietnam or you are overseas Vietnamese returning to Vietnam after many years?

And whoever you are, besides the documents related to Immigration and Residence, there is another type of document that you need to consider while living in Vietnam. It is a driver’s license.

Is your Driver’s License valid in Vietnam?

This issue will depend on whether the driver’s license that your country offering is allowed to circulate in Vietnam. (Before that, you need to ask the driver licensing agency in your country about the country you are going)

If your driver’s license is not allowed to circulate in Vietnam, it is imperative that you must to relearn fully to get a driver’s license issued by a Vietnamese Competent Authority.

However, the good news is that now, the Vietnamese Agency has loosened conditions for granting Vietnamese driver’s licenses to foreigners. Instead of relearning the lesson from the beginning and foreigners will have difficulties in language, now you will be granted a conversion of Vietnamese driver’s license based on the driver’s license issued by your country.

So you need to prepare the following documents to be granted a convert to Vietnamese driver’s license:

  • Photo of a passport with notarized.
  • Photo of work visa or temporary resident card with notarized
  • Photo of Work permit with notarized.
  • Current driver’s license is translated into Vietnamese legally and notarized.

 Processing Time: 5-7 working days

 Service Fee:  USD 50

If you have difficulties in translating into Vietnamese and notarizing or do not have time to submit and wait for the results, please contact us at hotline: 0899 31 3366


Please email us by :


Facebook: VinaVisa Service

Line/Zalo/Viber/Kakaotalk/Wechat: 0899 31 3366   We will answer the problem for you.

Have a nice day!

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