Documents Required And Procedure – Vietnam Visa on Arrival

Vina Visa have been established for many years and have a very good reputation in this field. We are confident that we can satisfy your requirements, resolve all problems quickly; Our service prices are the most competitive in the market.

Vina Visa – Visa consulting service in Da Nang. We support to apply The Vietnam approval letter for the purpose : Tourism – Work – Visit Relatives – for foreigners in VietNam with fee from only 5$.

The Necessary Document For Apply The Letter:

In order to have the right information to get visa, please be so kind as to give us the information as follows:

  1. Your passport picture (page with your personal information)
  2. Entry purpose: (Vacation/Business/Visit family)
  3. Date of entry:
  4. Length of stay:
  5. Port of arrival:
  6. For Business Visa: Please supply The Business registration certificate of Vietnam Company.

For Visiting Family: Please supply documents as follow:

+ Passport picture of inviting person (page with your personal information

+ If Inviting person is a foreigner who is residence in Vietnam: Temporary Resident Card or valid visa

+ Certificate of marriage registration or Birth certificate


  Step 1: Send all documents and information mentioned above for us into email:

  Step 2: After receiving your information, we will confirm and advise the exact fee for your case and payment method.

   We will start processing right away upon your payment.

   The processing time is 2-3 working days for normal visa and 1 day or half a day for urgent case. Super-urgent is 12 hours or 1 hour – cost for this is different case by case.

  Step 3:  We send you an approval letter or code (depends on what type of visa you chose). You keep it to board airline or get stamp at Embassy/Consulate.

   Final note: Cost and time processing are different from Embassy to Embassy so you are advised to do in advance of a minimum 10 days prior to your trip. Recent passport-sized photos (1 piece, 4x6cm) are requested to bring along to do Visa On Arrival.

Photo Requirements:

 – Vietnam is not so difficult on photo requirements for Vietnam visa. But you need to learn more information about photo requirements, it will be really helpful for you. Here is the list of regulations of Vietnam Immigration department about photo requirements:

  •  Two photos are required (one is glued on the entry & exit form, one is presented if needed).
  •  Photographs must be passport-sized, identical and taken within be last 6 months.
  •  The image size from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head should be from 1 inch to 13/8 inches.
  •  The photos should be in color.
  •  Your full face must be shown on the photo with a plain light background (white or off-white).
  •  Photographs should be taken in normal street attire, without any hat or headgear that obscures the hair or hairline.
  •  Uniforms should not be worn in photographs with the exception of religious attire which us worn daily.
  •  If prescription glasses, a hearing device, wig or similar articles are normally and consistently worn, they should be worn when the picture is taken.
  •  Dark glasses or nonprescription glasses with tinted lenses are not acceptable unless required for medical reasons. A medical certificate may be required to support the wearing of such glasses in the photographs.

Please email us, we will answer the problem for you. Good luck to you!


Toan Tam Trading Services and World Travel Joint Stock  Company

Address: 25 An Thuong 17 Street, My An Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang City


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