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General conditions for applying a temporary residence card in Vietnam

-The passport of the foreigner must remain valid for a minimum of 13 months.
– Foreigners must carry out procedures for temporary residence registration at the commune and ward police in accordance with regulations.

Conditions for each specific foreign case:

– In case a foreigner who has a work permit, the work permit must have a minimum period of 1 year (12 months).
– In case a foreigner who are exempted from a work permit, you must obtain a written certification of exemption from the work permit of the foreign labor management agency.
– For investors, there must be documents evidencing that foreigners contribute capital and invest in enterprises in Vietnam (maybe business registration certificate, investment license ….)
– In case a foreigner with Vietnamese spouses, there must be a certificate of marriage registration in case of marriage registration in Vietnam and a marriage note if the marriage is foreign.
– In case a foreigner who has a father or mother is a Vietnamese citizen, you must have a birth certificate or other document proving his or her personal.

Vina Visa – Support and consulting services about temporary resident card for foreigner in Vietnam

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Temporary residence card of VinaVisa Customer

Processing Time: 10 working days

Service Fee:  USD 250

Required Documents: CLICK HERE ⇐


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