Details About Work Permit For Foreigner In Vietnam

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Details About Work Permit For Foreigner In Vietnam

– Foreign nationals assigned to work in Vietnam are required to show a degree of proprietary knowledge, a special skill or a manager/executive-level skill not readily available in the domestic labor market of the country. You may convert from visitor status to work status while staying in Vietnam or as the work permit application is in process.

– However, foreign nationals cannot begin work until the application is approved and considered legal. Foreign nationals who enter Vietnam for employment for three (3) months or more are required a Multiple Entry Business Visa and Work Permit. The Work Permit application has to be sponsored by a company or entity registered and recognized in Vietnam.

– The inclusion of managers and executives is described as:

• Foreigners who directly control a foreign enterprise located in Vietnam
• Foreigners subject to general guidance only by shareholders and the board of directors of the enterprise
• Foreigners who do not participate directly in the provision of services

– Specialists are described as foreign nationals with adequate experience in management, business administration, or product development. They should also be highly qualified or experienced in research, equipment management, and technical knowledge.

To obtain a Work Permit in Vietnam, applicants should satisfy the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  •  Health in good condition to satisfy the specific demands and requirements of the job
  •  Free of any criminal record or a national security offense, not currently facing criminal prosecution, or not serving a criminal sentence during assignment.
  •  Must be a specialist, manager, or executive.

Some foreign nationals are exempt from getting the Work Permit and can work in Vietnam holding only business visas. These individuals are…

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Work permit
     Work permit – processing procedure

Processing Time: 25-30 working days

Service Fee: USD 450

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